Canadian Man Notices an Old Lotto Ticket in His Wallet and Wins $20 Million

It was a dream scenario for a man in Canada, after he forgot what he had stuffed in the back of his wallet.

Jerry Knott bought a LOTTO MAX ticket in Lac du Bonnet in August, and tucked it in among his bank cards. The Manitoba man promptly forgot all about it until this month—when he remembered to scan his ticket while visiting a gas station.

“The store retailer looked at me with wide-eyes and said, ‘This is the missing ticket!’”

“I saw a two and a bunch of zeroes and thought, ‘Cool! I won $20,000!’” he said.

“I didn’t know what she was talking about until she scanned it again and I saw there were a few more zeroes than I had originally thought,” he said.

“That’s 20 and six zeroes—$20 million!”

After the initial shock, Knott began to think about what to do with his new millions, and decided to dedicate his winnings to uplifting his community.

“A while ago my father set up some reserve status land on Big Stone Lake,” he said. “My brother and I decided to build some cottages on the lake to be used as a treatment center or a wilderness experience.”

“I’m looking forward to building another five cottages to expand our dream,” he said. “It’s nice to know we will be able to put money into something that will better our community.”