Animal Crossing is getting a big update and paid DLC on November 5th

Nintendo just wrapped up a huge Direct presentation focused on new content coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, including the game’s major 2.0 update and a significant paid DLC expansion. Both will be available on November 5th.

Let’s start first with the free update, which brings back a lot of familiar faces for longtime Animal Crossing fans. You’ll be able to visit Brewster in his coffee shop, The Roost, Kapp’n will be able to whisk you away to mysterious islands (while serenading you along the way), Katrina the fortune-teller will appear on Harv’s Island, and the odd, noise-making Gyroids have returned.

There are also some great new features for people who have already sunk hours (or hundreds of hours) into New Horizons. There are new house exterior options, storage expansions, hairstyles, KK Slider songs, things you can buy with Nook Miles, and even a pro camera app for the NookPhone that lets you take photos from a new perspective. Perhaps one of the most significant updates is that you’ll be able to cook food using ingredients that you grow, meaning you can set the table for a fun (virtual) dinner with your friends.

But for players who want to do even more in New Horizons, Nintendo is also releasing a paid expansion, Happy Home Paradise. In the DLC, you’ll travel to an archipelago of islands and help visitors build the paradise home of their dreams on a resort. For example, if a bear wants a house with plush bears, you’ll be able to place the furniture they want in the house but also decorate it however you want to try and make the paradise home that matches what they’re looking for. You’ll also be able to decorate the resort itself. And as part of the DLC, you’ll eventually gain new house decorating techniques, like partitions, that you can bring back to your home on your main island.

The Happy Home Paradise DLC will cost $24.99, and you can preorder it starting October 29th. It will also be included as part of the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscription, which launches on October 25th and will cost $49.99 for one person for 12 months or $79.99 for a family membership for 12 months.

Nintendo also announced that the Animal Crossing Series 5 amiibo cards will launch on November 5th. Each pack will cost $5.99 and comes with six cards each.