Bear wanders into house, breaks computer monitor

An Alberta man captured photos when a bear wandered into his family’s home and made a mess of his son’s gaming computer.

Sean Reddy said the bear encounter at his Fort McMurray-area home began when his dogs cornered the bear in the family’s garage.

Reddy said he got his dogs to safety and the bear was gone when he checked the garage, leading him to assume the animal had left the area.

The father said he soon discovered he was wrong when his 10-year-old son reported hearing scratching sounds inside the house. The bear had climbed in through a window and Reddy saw the animal cross a hallway into his son’s bedroom.

Reddy posted photos to Facebook showing the bear investigating his son’s computer.

The resident enlisted the help of a neighbor to use a bookshelf and other furniture to create a barricade before reopening the bedroom door to allow the bear to leave through the same window it used to enter the home.

Reddy said the damage to the house was minimal, but the bear smashed his son’s computer monitor and ate some cereal that had been left out.

Alberta Fish and Wildlife officials said they set up a trap outside Reddy’s home, but the bear has yet to return to the scene of the break-in.